A new inquiry arrived through this very same website's contact form.

I was surprised to find it coming from Germany.

In today's globalized and online world, it really shouldn't come as a surprise.

But it was because some interpretation experts believed that it will only make them loose projects to people abroad.

This is a great way to prove them wrong.

These trends are not threats; they are wonderful opportunities.

All we need to do is to keep improving ourselves, and not to worry about loosing to others.


This inquiry turned out to be a pleasant experience interpreting consecutively between English and Japanese for an IT/e-Commerce project.

We used TEAMS to connect Japan and Germany and no participants experienced a serious problem.

Shortly after the meeting, the client sent me the following feedback. 

"Thank you very much for working with us today. You really did a great job, very well done! :-)
We will definitely let you know when the next meeting with them comes up."


It is actually my pleasure to be invited to an important meeting, and client feedback always makes me smile :)