Here are some world leading clients' testimonials from ongoing projects across industries.

Client  Feedback
World's Leading Cloud Service Provider "前回の通訳について、他チームの意見も確認させていただいたのですがネガティブなフィードバックはありませんでした。ありがとうございます!" (June, 2021)
German E-Commerce Website Builder "Thank you very much for working with us today. You really did a great job, very well done! :-)
We will definitely let you know when the next meeting with them comes up." (March, 2021)
World's Largest Ink Manufacturer "I took a poll about the last session contents, and regarding to the interpretation, everyone said it was excellent. Thank you!" (Jan, 2021)
Taiwan & Shanghai Design Firm "Appreciate your help immensely and have a great weekend!" (June, 2019)
US & China Entertainment Company "Thank you for your help today" (May, 2019)
US Dental Manufacturer "I trust you to send the right message to get my meaning across. I really appreciate all of the help you have been giving me." (Aug, 2018)