Here is a summary of our ongoing projects with world's leading clients across industries.

Project Languages Services Frequency
World's Leading Cloud Service Provider's IT Global Meetings



Simultaneous Interpretation

Once to a few times per month,

Ongoing since Nov., 2020

German E-Commerce Website Builder's Meeting with Japanese Airport Operator  English-Japanese Remote Consecutive Interpretation One Time
World's Largest Ink Manufacturer's Global Technical Meetings English-Chinese Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Once a month,

Ongoing since Nov., 2020

Taiwanese Design Firm's Meetings with Japanese Artists Japanese-Chinese

On-Site & Remote Consecutive Interpretation

Once a week,

June, 2019 - June 2020

Chinese Entertainment Company's Meeting with Japanese Publishing Company English-Chinese-Japanese Consecutive Interpretation One Time
US Dental Manufacturer's Meeting and Daily Correspondences with Japanese Medical Device Manufacturer English-Japanese

Consecutive Interpretation,

Email & Phone Correspondence

Once a week,

Ongoing since Aug., 2018