Company Name:  Trilingual Inc
 Establishment:  April 2, 2014
 Location:  Tokyo, Japan
 Founder:  Lu Sun


Our Story

Trilingual Inc was established in 2014 following Lu's freelance career as a trilingual interpreter. 2019 marks the 10th aniversary of her professional career in this field.

We are a professional service firm: not a match maker, an agent, nor a staffing service.

We directly serve international clients through Japanese, Chinese, English interpretation. 


Meet Our Founder

Lu Sun

Founder | Trilingual Interpreter

An active simultaneous interpreter specialized in three languages (Japanese, Chinese, and English).

Born in 1982 in Harbin, China, Lu grew up in Tokyo and studied in the States where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in University of Missouri – Kansas City. She returned to Tokyo in 2005 started her first job at Hitachi as an international sales and marketing expert for semiconductor business for 5 years. She then started her career as a freelance interpreter.

After learning that most interpretation companies are agencies, she decided to run a professional service firm to make interpretation directly available to international clients.

 2010  Starting of freelance interpretation career
 2013  Completed Japanese-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation Program at ISS Institute
 2014   Incorporated Trilingal Inc
 2015  Completed English-Japanese Consecutive Interpretation Course at Inter School
 2016 Completed Chinese-English Simultaneous Interpretation Summer Program at Beijing Foreign Studies University
   Completed English-Japanese Simulteneous Interpretation Course at Communicators
 2019   Completed Japanese-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation Program at Simul Academy