I took a poll about the last session contents, and regarding to the interpretation, everyone said it was excellent. Thank you! (Jan, 2021)

Global Marketing, DIC Corporation
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Thank you for the wonderful translation (Jan, 2020)

Administration Officer, Haitong International
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Appreciate your help immensely and have a great weekend!

Marketing Consultant, JL Design

Thank you for your help today

Co-Founder & Board Member, USA/China Entertainment Company

I trust you to send the right message to get my meaning across. I really appreciate all of the help you have been giving me.

Director of Suppler Chain, Young Innovations
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This year's first review arrived from our repeat client.

We are specialized in IR interviews and manufacturing. We look forward to working with more Hong Kong investors, security companies and Japanese manufactures this year!



 Thank you for the wonderful translation


Services: Interpretation
Interpreter: Lu
Languages: Japanese-English
Methods: Consecutive Interpretation
Countries: Japan, Hong Kong
Occasion: IR Interview
Industries: Manufacturing